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Best Practices to Finishing Your Year Strong

If your New Year’s resolution was to do better at university, keep up with the readings, and to get that 4.0 CGPA then kudos to you!! However, this can be very difficult to accomplish, and takes some work. So for this week, we thought we could give you a few practical tips that will hopefully motivate you to keep up with your resolution and get the best grades possible. Here are our top eight tips    […]

RTC in Review

Here at BCA, we understand that consulting can be a difficult industry to define. With our Road to Consulting (RTC) event, our goal was to specifically introduce students to the realm of consulting and what a consulting career path has to offer. To do this, we designed our event around an interactive and informative panel discussion; we believed this would be a more engaging way to connect the students and representatives. RTC also included a    […]