Yara - VP External Affairs

Yara is a highly motivated and ambitious third year student pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Digital Enterprise Management. She currently assumes BCA's Vice-President of External Affairs position. With her passion and expertise in networking and event-planning, she is excited to work with external organizations and the Institute of Management and Innovation (IMI), to bring valuable opportunities to the student community at UofT. She believes it is crucial to encourage students to partake in the events available to them, where they will be able to both garner new skills and showcase their talent and knowledge through problem-solving. With previous experience in consulting and event-planning, she will undoubtedly do her best to organize an environment where the UofT student body can participate in unforgettable successful experiences.

Angela - President

Angela is completing her final year of studies as an Accounting Specialist and is the 2016-2017 President of BCA. She fell in love with consulting from the moment she first came into contact with the industry (at a past BCA event, coincidently) and she is extremely excited to be able to provide similar opportunities to others now. With experience gained from a long history of volunteerism and extracurricular participation, she looks forwards to further enriching the student experience at UTM. Angela loves learning new things and wants to one day visit all 6 habitable continents.

Lilian - VP Internal Affairs

Lilian is going into her final year specializing in Finance, and is this year's Vice-President of Internal Affairs. She hopes to grow BCA's presence on campus and help students understand the very big world of consulting. What attracts her personally to the consulting industry is the continuous learning involved, and the wide exposure to various industries. She views consulting like she views life – never stop learning and always seek opportunities to grow. She hopes to create more opportunities for students to develop both personally and professionally. Lilian has always had a passion for helping others and giving back to her community, and has hopes to one-day work for a NPO. She also loves to travel and meet new people, embracing differences in culture and experiences.

Bryce Mendonca - Marketing Director

David Pham Ngoc - Marketing Associate

Brayden Mccullagh - Marketing Associate

Shahd Al Ashry - Marketing Associate

Lin Xu - Marketing Associate

Ahraniya Ragavan - CR Director

Michael Ezzat - CR Associate

Maria Guirguis - CR Associate

Hamad Anwar - CR Associate

Noor Hafeez - CSR Director

Bankole Adeluola - CSR Director

Jacqueline Tan - Operations Director

Rafay Aman - Finance Officer